Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I can't wait for 'Django Unchained' starring Jamie Foxx, Leo Dicaprio, Christophe Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by the man Quentin Tarantino (who I once got to ask what Salma Hayek's toes taste like :)). How good does it look? The old style trailers are incredible as are the new photo's released in this months 'Empire' magazine. I'd love to write a Western. Jamie is one of the most underrated/versatile actors around. DiCaprio as a villain, my oh my and of course Samuel L. Jackson is in everything. Plus Q.T.'s new go to guy Waltz. THAT'S A BIIINGOOO!! Tarantino meets the likes of 'Unforgiven''Rio Bravo' and 'True Grit'. Need I say anymore? These photo's speak for themselves!

"Gentlemen you had my curiosity...but now you have my attention"!

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